A brief description:

Coinsulter Decentralized Media will be a decentralized platform, where blockchain projects can use it's services without having to go through a traditional intermediary central system. Instead, connecting businesses and professionals directly with service(s) the business/person is looking for. For example, if a company is seeking an advisor, developer, branding or any other services listed on the platform, the company can pay the user offering the services directly through Coinsulter Tokens and exchange services directly from the platform. A decentralized arbitrage smart contract system would be set in place to assure the services are completed in order to release the funds to the recipient, and vice versa. Tokens for the Coinsulter platform will be Ethereum Request Comment (ERC-20), and will be called Coinsulters. 


A business can advertise their products/services directly on the Coinsulter platform. The ad will be paid for by Coinsulter Tokens (Coinsulters). The cost of which would be set according to the value and supply of Coinsulter Tokens at the time of purchase. The revenue from the ad would go directly towards funding a reward system on the Coinsulter Blockchain Platform, offering users of the platform a chance to review and 'upvote' or 'downvote' companies for rewards in Coinsulter Tokens. A helpful review would receive rewards in the form of Coinsulter Tokens by receiving upvotes, adding incentive for users to write valuable reviews that help the community get better insight into companies. 

​*White paper will be available soon. 


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Coinsulter Blockchain Media was created by a team of certified blockchain consultants from the University of Nicosia, crypto evangelists and developers. Some of the members of Coinsulter were victims of insolvent exchanges in the earlier days of Bitcoin, such as MtGox, Cryptsy, BTC-E and others. Giving rise to this platform that will help new crypto enthusiasts from making the same mistakes as earlier investors prior. With this, Coinsulter takes great pride in promoting high tier potential projects, within the sector. 

Coinsulter & The Blockchain