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Helping innovate the future generation of smart peer to peer technology.

Coinsulters Blockchain Services is a registered Canadian company that offers consultation, development and marketing services in the blockchain sector. Coinsulters takes pride in only working with the most promising projects integrating and implementing blockchain technology, as we are on a mission to help build and promote the next generation of decentralized peer to peer applications.


Coinsulters team consists of expert blockchain advisors, computer scientists, web & graphic designers, blockchain engineers, developers, branding experts, review specialists, social media content creators and marketing strategists.

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What We Do

Press Release

Publishing a press release is a good way to improve your brand’s image and receive exposure. Coinsulters Blockchain Services includes publication of press releases on news outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Reuters, Digital Journal, International and Business Times.

Affiliate Targeting Marketing

Would you advertise a horse ranch to somebody living in the city? We bring results through affiliate marketing targeted ad strategies, bringing ad exposure to the direct demographic that suits your brand and customer base. Saving you money on pointless exposure.

Competitive Strategy

We conduct thorough research of your industry’s competition and make sure that your project stands out from the rest. We also offer automated proprietary bot scan service for finding and disputing fake reviews and ratings through a patented technology that scans your social media for false negative reviews.

Fundraising & Events

We can help promote your project through an extensive global network of private and institutional investors. Coinsulters can also assist with setting up, and/or attend blockchain conference events or meetups worldwide on your project’s behalf. Do you require content? Banners, flyers, post cards or even design services? We got you covered.

Mailing Lists & Email Marketing

Our mailing lists consist of over 100,000+ subscribers from our newsletter publications and social media campaigns. Our email marketing campaigns have a high click and impression rate due to the fact that subscribers have specifically registered their email through mailchimp verification to receive updates from us.

Web Design | SEO

Coinsulters has exclusive access to a network of top freelance software developers, blockchain engineers, graphic designers and project managers on the team, ready to serve your project’s needs. Optimize your search engine optimization for maximum online exposure.

Exclusive Reviews

Improve your brand’s image through exclusive reviews from one of our review experts. Our team includes members of ICO Bench and tokenomics specialists in blockchain technology, including students from the University of Nicosia.

Answering this questionnaire will help us determine your needs!

Extensive knowledge of Blockchain and its applications. A wonderful team, that thrives on challenges and execution. I look forward to working with Coinsulters on current projects as well as future opportunities.

Bonnie NormileTestimonial
Bonnie Normile
Member Of ICO Bench
Lead ICO Advisor

Extremely knowledgeable experts in blockchain technology. Consistently offer excellent service and guidance for everything you need to know about blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry. Highly recommended.

Mary Testimonial
Mary K.
Sky Blue Theory
Founder, Branding Specialist

We’ve spoken to multiple blockchain consultants and none offer the customer service and attention to client’s needs as Coinsulters does. This combined with blockchain skills excel Coinsulters above the rest. I highly recommend!

Valerie Cruz
Valerie Cruz
Artist | Lead Singer
Writing and Critical Analysis

A Whitepaper is the central document of a project. It should clearly and briefly convey to potential investors the essence of your project’s concept, its technical aspects and the prospects for investing in it.

This document should be given special attention, since many cryptocurrency investors, enthusiasts and experts make a decision to invest in a project based on the basis of the Whitepaper.

Coinsulters can review, revise or even create a capturing white paper for your project. Do you require translation services? We offer translation services in over a dozen languages.

Email us for a free quote and analysis of your project.

Pricing Package
Basic Package
Per Month
ICO business and marketing expertise
Token concept development or review
Targeted marketing strategy
Preset PPC account with keywords
Consultations on ICO PR specifics
Marketing consultations
Per Month
Review of the core project documents
Drafting or review of legal documents
Ongoing legal advice
Engage escrow service providers
Establish your legal entity
Obtain a legal opinion letter
Per Month
ERC-20 universal standard
Smart contract management system
Set up the platform on your web site
Unique promo tokens technology
Payments in fiat and 70+ coins
40 ICO features to choose from


Jonha Richman
Jonha Richman
CMO-on-Demand | Marketing & PR Advisor

Over 10 years experience in marketing working with global brands such as Unilever, IKEA and Sony Pictures. Recognized as The Top 25 Blockchain Influencers in 2018. Jonha was invited as a keynote speaker and mentor at Google Business Group, Startup Weekend and various conferences around the globe. Featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Cointelegraph, Huffington Post, Fast Company, including a social media following of 100k+ followers, Jonha is a big asset to Coinsulters and a great addition to any team.

Ken Llamas
Ken Llamas

Ken is a marketing and lead generator expert. He has been working with a wide range of businesses, consulting with their digital transformation. He is the co-founder of a California-based brand growth and digital marketing agency. Coinsulters Blockchain Services works with Ken in blockchain development projects. Ken also has a YouTube channel with 10,000 followers called ‘Ken The Crypto’, where Ken posts informative content and reviews on blockchain projects in the space.

Shankari Chantherasegarn
Shankari Chantherasegarn
Event Organizer

Shankari is part of The Deal Makers​, a network of High Net Worth Individuals, Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity Firms and Angel Investor Networks. TDM hosts monthly events and curates private equity projects from various industries such as FinTech, Blockchain, Aerospace, Property Development, AI and Cyber Security.

Yael Tamar
Yael Tamar

Yael is a blockchain strategist, speaker, advisor and mentor. In 2017, Yael founded Top Of Blockchain, assisting blockchain companies with go-to-market strategy and mainstream companies with blockchain adoption, making sense of blockchain and crypto for mainstream markets and applications. Yael is an advisor at Coinsulters.

Shanee Moret
Shaneé Moret
Marketing Strategist I Content Creator

Marketing strategist and content creator. In Shaneé’s first month of creating videos on LinkedIn, her content reached over 100,000 views. Fluently bilingual in English and Spanish, Shaneé is a Marketing Advisor and Community Ambassador to Coinsulters.

Aleksandra Joanna Jaworska
Aleksandra Joanna Jaworska

Aleksandra is one of our on-demand ICO/STO advisors and blockchain consultants. She also assists in white paper creation and editing, web design and is an expert marketing implementation strategist for various projects in the crypto space.

Chris Boundikas
Chris Boundikas

A graduate from Western University in Ontario, Canada. Chris is the CEO of Ravn App & Enigma Blockchain. The founder of Anquilla ICO Consulting, an Anguilla-based company. They are the experts in launching from Anguilla, offer .ai domains and provide a comprehensive, compliant approach to the strategic, financial, marketing and legal aspects of an ICO with security and success as goals. Chris Boundikas is an on-demand advisor for Coinsulters Blockchain Services.


Geo, the original Coinsulter, student of University of Nicosia (Prof. Andreas Antonopoulos), and a devoted follower to the literature of Satoshi Nakamoto. Geo has strong intentions of decentralizing Coinsulters completely in the future, on its own blockchain, within its own token economy. Stay tuned!

“Proof-of-work has the nice property that it can be relayed through untrusted middlemen.  We don’t have to worry about a chain of custody of communication. The proof-of-work speaks for itself.”

~Satoshi Nakamoto


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