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About Coinsulters

Coinsulters Web Development is a registered Canadian company that offers Web Development services such as Web Design, Social Media Management, Blockchain Implementation,  SEO & Site-Speed Optimization and Digital Marketing Services.

Coinsulters’ mission is to be a part of the next generation of decentralized peer to peer open source applications to help our customers meet their full potential and objectives.

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What We Do

Web Design

Whether you’re looking for a Shopify E-commerce store or a WordPress Retail website, we can create a stunning website for your company. Smooth Mobile and Desktop user interface.

Social Media Management

We help companies discover how to best utilize social media marketing to connect with their target audience, generate awareness, and increase sales. We can manage your Facebook Pixel and Google Ads for a budget optimized Cost Per Click (CPC) rate.

Blockchain Implementation & Data Security

Coinsulters Blockchain Services offers blockchain based data management and security solutions to encrypt and manage your company’s digital data. Prevent read and write access to data and unauthorized access by implementing blockchain technology today. CBS can also assist your company in accepting blockchain based payment options for your business.

Smart Contracts | DAPPS

Smart Contract implementation is a digital agreement, that runs exactly as programmed, without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. CBS can help your company create smart contracts for many of your current agreements. Including integration of a Smart Contract based voting system and decentralized apps.

Affiliate & B2B Marketing

Coinsulters Blockchain Services brings results through Affiliate Marketing & Targeted ad strategies, bringing ad exposure to the direct demographic that fits your brand and customer base, in turn saving you money on wasted ad exposure. Affiliate Marketing can have a profound impact on your business, since you only pay an affiliate if they’re successful, there are little to no fixed costs or high risks involved. Coinsulters can effectively get your products exposure in affiliate market places.

Email Marketing

Our mailing lists consist of a large subscriber base to our newsletter publications and social media campaigns. Our email marketing campaigns have a high click and impression rate due to the fact that subscribers have registered and confirmed their email with us, through a Mailchimp verification process that gives Coinsulters permission to email each subscriber. As per email solicitation laws require.

SEO & Site Speed Optimization

Our designers and writers are experts in making your site search engine-friendly. We help raise your ranking and make it easier for customers to find you. Many companies often make the mistake of underestimating the importance of a good SEO and site speed score. Search engines give extended exposure to the websites that don’t ignore this important factor. We can optimize your website and online presence in general for maximum exposure, specifically on Google, Yahoo and other top rated search engines. Whether your project is a start-up or already up and running, Coinsulters Web Services has exclusive access to SEO experts on the team ready to attend to your site’s needs. Monthly analytics included. 

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We are not a cryptocurrency exchange. We do not buy or sell cryptocurrency. We do not mine cryptocurrency. If anybody contacts you claiming they are from Coinsulters, do not send any money, we do not raise any money for any projects. We are not financial advisors and any investment is risky and should be advised by qualified professionals. Coinsulters is a Web Development company, specializing in blockchain technology and helping companies in the space achieve their goals as this new technology evolves.