Coinsulter Token

Coinsulter Token

Token Block Hash (COIN)


An incentive driven marketplace for Web Development Services already in use case using SLP blockchain. Earn Coinsulter Tokens by supporting our online community. Like our content on social media, comment and simply engage in community building to earn. Coinsulters also offers a staking reward for holding Coinsulter tokens (COIN) in a wallet every month until 2021. All you need to do is sign up for a free subscription to our Newsletter, and register your COIN ‘receive’ address in the confirmation email. Dividends will be paid to holders automatically on a monthly basis on the 14th of every month. In a later phase you will also be able to trade-in your Coinsulter Tokens for Web Development discounts in services such as Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Advertising on our Newsletter and more. Earn monthly dividends for subscribing to our free Newsletter and holding Coinsulter Tokens today Learn More


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